More About Numerology

What does the number one mean?

In numerology, each number is associated with a specific meaning and different characteristics. These characteristics can be used to understand the person that we are, our actions, and even answer certain questions.

The number one is typically associated with the Sun and is very much based on the self and the ego. The number one is also associated with independence, leadership, the beginning of something new, and is typically a masculine number. The number one is also commonly associated with a variety of expressive words which generally include dominant, original, inventive, leader, creator, active, pioneer, strong, and courageous.

In general, the number one represents leadership, new beginnings for the future, and positive steps of growth. A person with one as a personal number is usually a natural leader with plenty of ambition. However, on the other end of things that same person may tend to become a little too bossy, extremely shy, or too impulsive. A one person will easily learn to try new things and to stand out from the crowd. Typical careers associated with one people include celebrity, small business owner, and politics.

A one month, day, or year has very much the same general meaning as one itself. Since it is the beginning of a new nine year cycle, during these “one” periods in our lives we are ready to begin a new career, role, or take on new projects. Depending on your personal year, the personal month will be determined. For example, if you are in your fifth personal year, May would be your personal one month.