More About Numerology

What does the number two mean?

In numerology, there are nine main numbers associated with different characteristics, personality traits, and choices that we make. In order to obtain an accurate and meaningful numerology reading, you should be able to understand what each number represents.

The number two, typically a feminine number, is associated with the Moon. It is the number that represents not only the female side, but the women in our lives, and emotions. Positive traits associated with two include partnering, cooperation, adaptability, loving, being a peacemaker, analytical, modest, sincere, diplomatic, and considerate of others. However, each number also has a negative side. The negative traits of two can include shyness, timidity, lonely, depression, fear, self-consciousness, not speaking up, stuck on details, and hanging back.

Typically, the person with two as a personal number is the partner – adaptable, considerate, non-assertive, and sensitive. The typical two person will need harmony, be drawn to finding the right relationship, and will also need order in his or her life. Professionally, you will find many counselors, business partners (in small businesses), and diplomats with a strong two influence.

If you happen to be in your two year, month, or day, it is important to understand that this period is all about our relationships, partnerships, the females in our lives, and our need to be sensitive to everything around us. This does not mean that you are a doormat for this personal year, just that you should be open to helping others around you and exhibit your gentler side. A two year is an excellent time to begin a relationship of any kind.