More About Numerology

What does the number three mean?

There are nine main numbers to be concerned with in numerology. Each of the nine numbers can enlighten you as to why you behave a certain way, your potential, and give you a lot of insight on other people. Knowing each number can help you understand how to deal with many situations throughout your life.

The number three, ruled by Jupiter, is associated with self-expression, inspiration, verbalization, creativity, communication, and never-ending optimism. On a more negative side, the number three is also associated with scattered energies, unfinished projects, lack of direction, self-centeredness, and moodiness. A person with a strong three influence can be quite chatty, whether he or she has a reason to speak or not.

In most cases, people associated with the number three are very outgoing, love life, and can be quite enthusiastic. However, these same individuals also fear routine, lack self-discipline, and usually accomplish very little. The number three loves to have a good time, has a lot of energy, and likes to put ideas to action, but may not always finish. Quite often, you will find party planners, small business promoters, and press secretaries to be threes.

If you are currently in your three year, your social life may be blossoming. During this time you will also be more interested in creating beautiful things, decorating, and applying ideas and thoughts to your exploration of the world. However, since the number three seems to be so chatty, you will definitely want to keep your gossip to a minimum, in an effort to maintain your relationships.