More About Numerology

What does the number four mean?

In numerology, the more you understand each of the nine main numbers, the more you will be able to understand yourself as well as others. The numbers all have special meaning and can influence people depending on which stage in life they may be. The number four is an integral number for every person on earth.

Most simply put, the number four is the foundation for every one of us. We all need a good, solid base, and the number four is it. When you think of the number four, you should think of order, organization, and security since this number deals with every aspect of construction, restriction, discipline, stability, and confinement. The number four is also strongly associated with frugality and loyalty.

A person with a strong number four influence will have a strong sense of values and order, pay attention to detail, be highly practical, struggle against limits, and exhibit fine management skills. Such individuals will also have a genius for organization, will work hard, and get things done. These are the positive traits associated with the number four. On the negative side, these people will be too rigid, can get caught up in the detail, lack imagination, too serious, and argumentative. The number four seeks security and can develop order out of chaos. Administrators, office clerks, and team players are typically fours.

If you are currently in your four month or year, you should be acutely aware of both your finances and your health. It is the ideal time to be practical and conservative with both your money and your body. Go to the doctor and keep an eye on your bank accounts.