More About Numerology

What does the number five mean?

When you study numerology, you will learn that all numbers have cosmic vibrations associated with them. These vibrations relate to and influence all things in nature which makes them extremely powerful symbols. There are nine major numbers in numerology that students should be familiar with.

The number five is all about changes. The changes can be from good to bad or vice versa. On the positive side, it is associated with new and visionary ideas, quick thinking, expansiveness, daring, versatility, action, curiosity, exploration, promotion, and freedom. Negatively, the number is also associated with restlessness, edginess, dissatisfaction, hasty decisions, discontent, impatience, and boredom.

The typical five person will be bold, daring, persuasive, and the lover of fine things. However, he or she will also have the tendency to become restless, bored, and easily side-tracked. It is important for the number five to take chances, try everything, and to search for new opportunities. In the professional world the number five is personified in the media career, public figures, or developers.

During your number five month or year, you will be focused on personal freedom and changes. You may be feeling exuberant, spend time with younger people, or even act a bit younger than your physical age. Throughout this period there is constant change, which could be for the better or the worse. You may feel in a constant hurry, overindulge in things, and be overly curious or adventurous.

It is important to remember that although the number five is all about fast changes, these are usually temporary. During a number five month or year, it is unwise to make large financial investments, although you may be tempted to take the risk.