More About Numerology

What does the number six mean?

Every number in numerology has an important and significant meaning. Knowing the basic characteristics of each of the nine prevalent numbers can give you a keen insight into who you are as a person and why you may make certain choices. Understanding each number will also allow you to better understand the people around you.

There is a lot to be said about the number six. The number itself is strongly associated with responsibility, family life, relationships, and alternative health issues. The number is all about the search for the perfect relationship and the elimination of such relationships that do not help us grow. The number six has a strong sense of responsibility, loves the home, willingly helps others, and is very community oriented. However, that same person may be self-righteous, stubborn, and dominating.

The number six person will be extremely nurturing, warm, reliable, and happily domestic but he or she does have the tendency to feel like a “doormat” from time to time. This same person can also become too opinionated, much to their chagrin. Six people enjoy taking care of loved ones and seek safety and comfort. You may find that many personal assistants, educators, and caterers are number sixes.

During our six month or year, we may tend to give too much and feel overly disappointed when those around us do not reciprocate. During these periods you may be more inclined to hold a grudge against a friend or loved one who did not thank you for a service you provided, but take care to remember that you may be overly sensitive to this. It is wise to try and keep a steady head and avoid jealousy.