More About Numerology

What does the number seven mean?

Because every single number has a different cosmic meaning, depending on a combination of factors, it may affect a person one way and another person entirely differently. However, each number has its own general meaning, which lays a foundation for gaining insight into a person’s true self, influences, and characteristics.

The number seven is a very powerful and spiritual number. Generally speaking, the number is associated with being scientific and inventive, perfectionism, solitude, charm, intelligence, a hunger for knowledge, analysis, research, and peace. It is also associated with hidden motives, suspicions, reservations, arguments, sarcasm, isolation, inflexibility, and distractions.

The typical seven person is spiritually inclined, unique, eccentric, and may be a deep thinker. At times, he or she may seem to be too aloof, a loner, or unable to live up to high standards. For the typical seven, it is important to seek answers to deep, meaningful questions, to observe the world, and to discover things. You may find that anyone working in an analytical field or who is self-employed has a strong number seven influence.

Because the number seven is such a spiritual and powerful number it revolves around the teacher, the student, and the law. It is also an integral part of influencing how we feel about things and how those feelings tend to change. When the number seven influences us greatly, we may feel fear, aloof, introspective, and distanced from others.

During a seven year, the intuition really shines. It is a time of allusion and delusion, so it is important to stay focused. The number seven is ruled by Neptune, which rules the emotions. During your seven year, you will be more likely to address painful issues and move past them in a healthy way.