More About Numerology

What does the number eight mean?

The nine numbers that we focus on in numerology all have very special meanings. They can help us understand what it is all about, and can be used to make important decisions and gauge the timing of certain events in life.

The number eight is all about finances and business. The number eight influences us to want to fix issues in our lives, in our work, in our city, or even in the larger government. The number eight is associated with political skills, working for a cause, achieving recognition, commanding, deciding, and executive characteristics. These are all very strong traits. On a slightly more negative side, the number eight can be a workaholic, inhumane, impatient, stressed, and materialistic.

While the typical eight person can be forceful, decisive, accomplished, and good with money in general, he or she can be a spendthrift, lack feeling, and overly ambitious. Such individuals find it important to take control, strive to higher heights, seek power, and increase their status. You will likely find the number eight in almost any professional field or the operating officer of a business.

A person with a very high eight influence will not make an ideal worker. He or she will have more aptitude as a leader, organizer, or manager. People with very few eights may become frustrated and find it very difficult to achieve their goals.

During an eight month or year, you will be influenced to use whatever powers you currently have to make things better for those around you. You will pay more attention to social issues, financial issues, and political issues. Remember, the number eight is the “power” number, so money and success are usually partnered with it.