More About Numerology

What does the number nine mean?

All nine numbers within numerology have a significant set of characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses associated with them. Understanding every aspect of all nine numbers will help you learn more about yourself and those around you.

The number nine is the number of the universe. It is the last number in the numerology series, so it offers up a conclusion to the previous eight numbers, the chance for closure, or even the opportunity to revisit past issues. When you think of the number nine, a giving nature, selflessness, creative expression, obligations, artistic, talented, congenial, friendly, and humanitarian should all come to mind. However, scattered interests, moodiness, attention-seeking, self-adulation, and possessiveness may also come to mind.

The number nine will be both inspired and creative, intuitive, and will seek to improve the world. On the other hand, this same person will need to avoid bad habits and pay attention to life’s details. It is important for number nine to “dream the dream” and to see the Gestalt of things. Often, community leaders and business organizers will have strong nine influences. However, because it is also such a powerful and dramatic number, you will have many actors, writers, and artists influenced by the number.

Nine allows us to look inside ourselves and make the changes necessary to improve what’s going on. The number nine works well with others and can be quite charismatic. During your nine year or month, you will want to feel needed and will associate yourself with humanitarian acts. It is also a time for change – old issues will end, you will let go of what has been holding you back, and you will move on.